Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Message From Shane Corbett and the WeCare Workplace Approches Team

Good Afternoon,

I’d like to take the time to introduce you to the Workplace Approaches and Environment Team.  We have a  group made up of volunteers from a cross section of our company.  The team members are Gwen Smothers, Val Fidanzo, Tim Dyer, J.D. Loughlin, Chris Turner, and myself.  Our team sponsors are Jerry Spaulding and Jeff Breen.  As the Workplace Approaches and Environment Team, our job is to improve Piedmont’s overall effectiveness and employee engagement by implementing processes and initiatives based on communication and feedback from employees that improve your overall workplace experience and environment.  These initiatives will range from very small scale to large scale, office-wide processes and initiatives. 

 We’ve met a couple of times and have a few things in the works, but in the meantime we wanted to go ahead and tell you about some documents we’ve placed on the G drive that we hope you’ll find helpful.  At our first meeting it was brought up by J.D. that it can be hard to know whom to contact in our office when you need a question answered.  So we put together an organizational chart that should help with this.  We also included the current phone list as well as the PowerPoint slideshow that was played at our open house with all of our pictures on it.  We don’t get to see each other every day and this may help you put a face with a name.  To access these documents go to the G drive and click on the “WeCare” folder.  Inside is a folder named “Organization and Contact Information”.  The documents are in that folder.

Shane Corbett EMIT
Sales Manager

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