Thursday, April 3, 2014


Its always nice to get a kind word from a customer. 
Here is a great example of a job well done by
 the PSG guys in Richmond.
Way to go guys, keep up the great work!


Mr. Swiger, Robert,

I wanted to let you and Piedmont Service Group know how grateful Lumber Liquidators are for the repairs work you provided us on 3/18/2014.

After my initial contact to you Tuesday morning, PSG was able to line up the necessary technicians, crane support and material to change out our 250HP dust collector fan motor, T leads and motor starter post haste.  As PSG was able to have a crew at our location 40 miles east of Richmond in less than three hours proves PSG is willing to go put forth the extra effort needed to get the job done.  Your technicians came fully prepared to make all repairs and conducted themselves in a professional manor, wasting no time, and got to work immediately.  It was through you company’s dedication to pleasing the customer that we were able to reduce our down time and return to 100% of our normal operation. 

Please extend my warmest thanks to Mr. Philip Britton, Senior HVAC Technician, for his part in our mechanical repairs.  He showed a keen ability to overcome adverse conditions and completed his work admirably.

Lumber Liquidators is very pleased to have chosen PSG for the replacement of this equipment failure and will continue to call on you in the future. 

Thank you,

Curry Rickman
Maintenance Manager
Lumber Liquidators

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