Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PSG Greenville Brazing Rodeo

Last week the PSG team in Greenville got together to hold a "Brazing Rodeo". This was a great opportunity to show off their skills and have some friendly and fun competition. 
The judges for this event included folks from ACR and PSG Operations Leadership.
David Hildebrand

Gene Paschal

Greg Simmons & Kenneth Gardner

Andrew Kearney
 Greenville's only certified welder's team had no leaks in their test braze

John De Leon

Rusty Beddard


Setting Up

Rusty Beddard

Ross, John, David and Jonathan won the night with best test, torch kit preparedness and brazing competition.
Way to go guys!!!

Congratulations to the Winning Team

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  1. Congratulations winners!!! It looks like some stiff competition and there was some different approaches and methods used. Good fun!!