Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PSG Helps Out

A couple of weekends ago on a chilly Saturday morning The WeCare Community Team set to work on an opportunity to help a lady in need that lives in East Raleigh. They partnered with Rebuilding Together of the Triangle and some of our  local vendors to help.


As we all know, times are tough and a little help can really go a long ways at times. The current gas pack at her home was in bad shape and in need of replacement. The volunteers replaced her gas pack and completed other projects around her home as well (cleaning the yard, cleaning gutters, repairing gutters, etc.). The new unit was donated by Carrier
and the ductwork was donated by Sheet Metal Duct Suppliers.
For more information on Rebuilding Together of the Triangle please see the following: http://www.rebuildingtogethertriangle.org/
Thank you so much to the volunteers that gave up a Saturday to help out:

Nick Walters                                      Laura Peterson                                          Carlos Colon
Mike Davis                                         Dannyell Mitchell                                      Ricky Hockaday
Desmond Gilchrist                            Don Monroe                                              Tom Jack
Delores Wimbush                             David Wilkerson                                        Scott Pickering
Jerry Spaulding                                  Dwayne Reece                                           Emily Reece
Kevin Brown                                       Chauncey Ray                                            Jonathan Bush
Matt Hobgood

Completed Project! :)






  1. This was a fantastic experience for the homeowner and those that participated in this. I could not help be tremendously proud of the teamwork, can do spirit, and superb effort that was demonstrated by all there. Excellent day!

  2. What a great way to give back to the community! I am very proud of all of you that participated, you all are rock stars!