Monday, October 4, 2010

Congratulations Jeremiah!

Please help me congratulate Jeremiah on his promotion to Projects/Start-up Supervisor.  Jeremiah has been managing the Construction Start-up Group for several years and stands ready to accept this new challenge in Service Projects.  Jeremiah has provided outstanding leadership over the last several years in managing this part of Construction to reduce the amount of call backs and warranty calls.  He brings a tremendous amount of HVAC knowledge and experience with him to aid in his success at his new position.  Not only will he be taking the reins from Roger in the Projects group but he will still continue managing the Construction Start-up Group.  We feel that Jeremiah has the ambition, desire and great attitude that will make this a seamless transition.

Please congratulate Jeremiah when you see him for stepping up and helping us as we continue to grow!

Bobby Hughes
GM Construction Operations

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