Friday, October 1, 2010

StrengthsFinder 2.0

On Wednesday September 29, the entire Piedmont eastern group gathered at the Greenville Hilton for breakfast, awards and a four hour STRENGTHSFINDER Forum with Paul Barker. Following the SF component at Carolina Beach in early June with the Sales & Operations teams from across the Piedmont group, we felt that there would be tremendous value in bringing in our staff from across the east for a time of teambuilding and greater appreciation of our personal strengths as well as a better understanding of those around us.

During the month of August, each associate did the on-line strengthsfinder 2.0 survey, which yields your top five strengths/themes. We compiled all of our data along with that of Erika Martinez and Scott Gugenheim, who joined Piedmont after our gathering at Carolina Beach. The information was sent to Paul Barker, who had previously facilitated the process for us, who in turn built a matrix with all of our themes and compiled a narrative for us to walk through during our Wednesday session. It was a lively and engaging time of interaction amongst our group.

Noted from our post-forum surveys:
“Strengthsfinder helped me understand that even though we are all different, we all play a big part within the Piedmont organization.”
“”Enjoyed it. New outlook on others on my team and life.”
“Lively, safe, honest interaction. People were vulnerable.”
“The team interaction was great! It builds deeper relationships amongst the group.”
“Knowing where I am strong.”
“Understanding everyone’s strengths as well as ‘the dark side’”
“Helped me better understand the people I am working with”
“Talking and laughing with the entire Greenville group…great meeting!”
“We should do this once or twice a year!”

-H.B. Moore V.P and GM Greenville Division

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