Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Coach's Words

The Greenville team was very fortunate to have ECU's Head Baseball Coach, Cliff Godwin join us for breakfast today at the City Hotel and Bistro. He is a Greene County native, so he got to reconnect with many of our field staff who reside there in "GC-God's Country."
Coach Godwin was recently awarded Coach of the Year by his peers in the league and took ECU to their league championship and made the first round to the World Series in Omaha. 
He shared how his first coaching job was as a volunteer assistant coach at UNC-W. They were hosting a tournament of the top 150 players east of the Mississippi there in Wilmington. His responsibilities were to drag the field, do laundry and then scramble into the stands and take scouting notes. Not too far away from where Cliff was sitting  was a boyhood friend who was an assistant coach at Vanderbilt University who was there with the head coach from Vanderbilt. The head coach had been observing his hustle throughout the day. He leaned over and asked his assistant, "who is that guy busting his hump down there?" The assistant replied, "He's the volunteer assistant coach here. We used to play ball together... great guy." The head coach said to his assistant, "We need a Head of Baseball Operations at Vanderbilt. Do you think he would be interested?" That was 2002... 13 years ago. Nowadays he is a championship coach. He said the following to our team...
"Sometimes you feel like you are doing a menial job out there by yourself and that it doesn’t matter. But as you hustle even when nobody is looking- that is integrity and that will take you farther than anything in your career."
He encouraged the field group to stay strong and always strive to be champions.


H.B. Moore
Vice President & G.M. Greenville Office

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