Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mentoring Workshop & Giving Back to the Community

A few weekends ago, PSG/CMS team members Dannyell Mitchell, Carlos Colon and Landon Lewis  participated in a mentoring session for the local Girl Scouts organization. Thanks to Dannyell for the below article and Landon for the great photos.
Mentoring Workshop and Giving Back to the Community
by Dannyell Mitchell
In the morning I participated in a Speed Mentoring session with representatives from about 10 local companies including PSG, Eaton, Citrix, Fidelity, Eaton, Cisco, GNK, and John Deere.
In this morning session each company “Mentor” was assigned a table and the girls were able to go to each Mentor for a speed mentoring session.
In the space of about 5 minutes we gave brief background on ourselves, our educational and career paths, a typical “day-in-the-life” and then answered any questions they may have as it related to their career aspirations. We concluded by attempting to impart a little “wisdom” that they could take with them on their journey. The girls ranged in age from 7th and 8th grade middle schoolers to seniors in high school.  It was a lot to try to impart when you are timed with a bell ringing to countdown “1 minute!” J But I think it was a great introductory experience for the girls in terms mentor/mentee interaction.
The afternoon workshop was just as awesome. Carlos Colon and Landon Lewis did an awesome job of walking the girls through the “job” process of building a room air-conditioner from supplies you can find at your local home improvement store. After introducing ourselves and giving a brief synopsis of our job experience and roles with PSG we got the girls involved by getting them to volunteer for roles of those involved in a typical project. From the initial interaction with the Client and Sales Consultant to the final QC with our commissioning agent and client turn-over. Carlos and Landon did a great job of getting the girls to think through the process and the “why” behind the various components of the system. We concluded with a great Q&A .



  1. Thank you Dannyell, Carlos, and Landin for representing Piedmont in what I know was a very interesting and educational session for these girls. Very nice job!!!!

  2. What a great idea to make the room air conditioner! A very cool, hands-on approach to show the girls a real world application of our industry and something they can do on their own. Great job all around!